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CURRENT HIGHLIGHTSHOME FAIR – 2015  – Sunday, April 11th – Mark your calendars and plan to attend this year’s HOME FAIR hosted by the Sandycove Home Owners Association.  We expect again to have about 40 exhibiters covering everything from plumbing, roofing, general contracting and more.    At the WHEEL from 8:30am – 12:30pm.   Get more info & see a list of vendors already signed up – click here.SANDYCOVE ACRES is a great place to be in large part due to the 3 very active volunteer SOCIAL CLUBS in Sandycove.   Annually these Committees are elected from the volunteers that come forward and continue to put on tremendous events for residents.   We need volunteers for the various Committees so please check the newsletters for contact information then put your name forward to help.  April 19th all 3 halls meet at the Wheel to hear Annual Reports and elect next years Committees.   Be part of that – support your Committees.

(NEW)  OUR PLACE – be part of the Town of Innisfil planning process currently underway.  Residents of Innisfil are being asked for their input in this process and we have an opportunity Saturday March 28th to participate in a “Visioning Day”.   Click on the image for more information and follow the links to www.innisfil.ca/ourplace

(NEW)  INNISFIL TRANSIT – currently the Town of Innisfil is compiling data to test the value of offering a BUS TRANSIT SERVICE to Innisfil residents.   In all likelihood this service will cover the North Innisfil area, including Sandycove, down to Alcona and Stroud and be tied into the Barrie Transit system.   Routes and terminal locations will be planned as the process goes forward as well as how it may impact residents of Sandycove Acres.   Please participate in this process and help to develop a Transit Service in Innisfil.   There are many pros & cons but keep in mind the residents, your neighbours, that may or may not have transportation readily available to them.   There will be a questionnaire at the HOME SHOW.   For more information please contact us at info@scahomeowners.com

HOME OWNERS Update A very successful OPEN House was held January 27th with about 250-300 residents attending.   Also in attendance was Innisfil Mayor Gord Wauchope, Innisfil Deputy Mayor Lyn Dolin and our Word Councillor Carolyn Payne.   Rick Moore, the new Sandycove Community Manager was presented and said a few words.  John Bicknell, Home Owners Presidents presented highlights of 2014 and talked about some of the issues facing us in the year ahead.    To read a report on the OPEN House please click here for a condensed version.

Sandycove Newsletter is available on this web site on the 25th of each month.   The Monthly Newsletters  are also available at each of the Recreation Centres and at the office.   For the MARCH Newsletter click here (please note it is a large PDF download)  

Pick up a copy of the Community LIFE newsletter being published quarterly by Sandycove Acres.  It is available at the office or at each of the Recreation Centres or just click on the logo.

COMMUNITY SCAeBulletin – The monthly SCAeBulletin will keep you up-to-date on everything important happening in our community plus a few helpful hints.   To participate, send your name and address to Sharon Raycraft at sharonraycraft@hotmail.com

Get your eBulletin – CLICK HERE


A YEAR IN REVIEW 2014-15 – CLICK HERE  to check out this PowerPoint overview of the Home Owners Board members and the many activities the Association is involved within our community.


INNISFIL PUBLIC LIBRARY  at the Innisfil Beach Road site offers FREE courses on many topics including WORD, EXCEL, FACEBOOK, E-MAIL, Intros to COMPUTERS and INTERNET, etc.   CLICK on the LOGO and check out the schedule of events at the Town library.

This web site is an information site managed for the SANDYCOVE HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION.   Every attempt is made to provide current information about the activities and other important happenings in Sandycove Acres.   If you have any questions or comments please forward them to info@scahomeowners.com and they will be responded to. Contact us at Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association

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